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Dignity Bags

Most children who enter foster care are have already experienced terrible trauma.  Moving from home, regardless of how bad it is, into foster care, even if it is a better situation can cause even more stress.  Most of these children suffer from self esteem issues and being forced to carry all their belongings in a trash bag is degrading and can reinforce the negative self image they already have .

For Families Like Us launched a program called dignity bag”, an effort to help ease the painful transition by providing a bag to foster children throughout the state

How Can You Help?

Donate a Bag

We give new or gently used backpacks, duffle bags and diaper bags of all colors and sizes to needy children everyday. Collect bags! Make it a school or scout project.  We also accept monetary donations that we use to purchase bags. You can contact us  via the phone at  (832) 582 – 3175 or use our contact form to make arrangements for pickup.