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Action Kids

For Families Like Us Action Kids program brings normal childhood experiences to foster and kinship youth. It’s goal is to widen horizons, teach important life skills and bring joy. The pillars of this program are access to extra-curricular activities, tickets to fun events or parks, and unique experiences just for them.

Extra-Curricular Participation: Research shows when a child participates in extracurricular activities like sports, dance or music you often see improved grades, attendance and self esteem. For foster children these activities also provide a sense of normalcy, help them fit in with their peers, make new friends and learn important life skills.

Tickets for Kids: Every child should visit the zoo, local museum, take in a ball game, a concert or go to the movie theatre. These experiences provide a sense of wonder, widen horizons and create happy memories for children who have experienced too few.

Foster Kids Events:For Families Like Us Action Kids program and its partners are determined to create unique experiences just for foster youth that show them how special they really are. Whether it’s meeting a professional sports team on the field, attending a summer camp tailored for them or visiting the happiest place on earth. We want foster youth to know WE CARE and they are worthy.

Want to support For Families Like Us Action Kids program ? There are many ways to help. You can donate online,  call us at   (832) 582 – 3175 or email us at Support@forfamilieslikeus.org  if you would like to sponsor, donate tickets to fun activities/events or help us host a fun event just for them.